A 3 session development of skills and techniques that will form a practice for entering, executing variations and exiting from a jade split pole trick
Polework classes that entrain trick skill related body mechanics—reaction time, balance, recovery, endurance, mobility, calisthenic/movement strength and will.
A 3 session development of skills that will form a practice for static rotations from a pole sit. Isolated of choreography and combinations, static rotation is introduced through the grooves…
A 3 session underlay of skills that will form a practice for static pole spins. Isolated of choreography and combinations
What are you mislead about, when it comes to being ass up and head down for tricks (inverted)? Create and practice curiosity through 5 Days of classes from Performance Tempel
Learn the introductory mechanics and function for inverting on the pole beyond upper body strength. You’re not too bottom heavy, you just need to employ different techniques to condition….
When form meets physical dimensions it’s called sculpture. This is the process of the “what” and “how” to flesh out transitioning concepts from superman to include exiting/dismounting, remaining aerial and…
Revelations about using different techniques & the positioning of the pelvis to dismount/release from the pole.Integrated assignments that strengthen & allow for assured movement to execute this exiting trick in…
Learn how to bail, or exit off the pole using inner thigh grip, that incorporates movement and mobility in the “prone” position. This class will give you conditioning assignments that…

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Knee Pit Pole Dance Tricks — Side Climb

Knee-Pit Tricks Lab

A mobility roadmap for a variety of skills and tricks that come from having a solid knee-pit grip. Experiment with mount and climbing techniques; release and extension tricks & shapes; and transition & thread-through tricks in three sessions.

Recommended for those that have been pole dancing at minimum 6 months and that have been introduced to ‘Jasmine/Angel’, ‘Genie’ and forearm climbs. Spin mode or static mode.

Pole Dance Tricks - Fan & Flare Kicks

fan & flare kick practice

A practice series for creating consistently visually stunning executions. Building the body language of fan and flare kicks, through different grip methods, trick elements and execution stylizations.

Recommended for those that have been pole dancing at minimum 1-2 months and that have been introduced to stronghold grip. Spin mode or static mode.

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