Pole Dance Tricks Jamill

Virtual Pole Dancing Classes With a Focus on Tricks

The art and soul of OG tricks meet acrobatic feats and aesthetic form in virtual pole dancing classes. Here we “funk the Erotic” using tricks as a method of movement.

Ashley teaches tricks as a means — a channel — to something meaningful. Strength without soul is too sanitized for this approach and movement for achievement’s sake isn’t the goal either. Body talk via tricks to learn something about self is a method that is sustainable, impressive and respects the body as a vessel.

A versatile class covering the bow & arrow pole trick from transitional shape to aerial feat. This trick is a excellent way to condition for more advanced tricks like iguana,…
Use it or lose it. “Spicy Conditioning” is an erotic lens on pole conditioning that reconsiders strength to include sensations and soul. Learn how to use the carousel pole mechanics…
A deeper exploration into sculpting out what the ‘martini’ pole dance hold has to offer with sensational and erotic tricks from those contact points.
An intro and exploration session to sculpting out brass knee grip concepts into beg/intermediate shapes and tricks with contrasts and cues to infuse life into the techniques.

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Biweekly practice sessions that implement learning tricks from entry to exit as an artform. Welcome back! Continue… Live Session Schedule Session Dates & Times Links to join the live session…

Knee Pit Pole Dance Tricks — Side Climb

Knee-Pit Tricks Lab

A mobility roadmap for a variety of skills and tricks that come from having a solid knee-pit grip. Experiment with mount and climbing techniques; release and extension tricks & shapes; and transition & thread-through tricks in three sessions.

Recommended for those that have been pole dancing at minimum 6 months and that have been introduced to ‘Jasmine/Angel’, ‘Genie’ and forearm climbs. Spin mode or static mode.

Pole Dance Tricks - Fan & Flare Kicks

fan & flare kick practice

A practice series for creating consistently visually stunning executions. Building the body language of fan and flare kicks, through different grip methods, trick elements and execution stylizations.

Recommended for those that have been pole dancing at minimum 1-2 months and that have been introduced to stronghold grip. Spin mode or static mode.

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