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Polework classes that entrain trick skill related body mechanics—reaction time, balance, recovery, endurance, mobility, calisthenic/movement strength and will. Use it or lose it. “Spicy Conditioning” is an obscene lens on pole conditioning that reconsiders what’s sabotaging your efforts.

An improvisational format to sex up the “teddy” trick with a split and transitions that allow for the sensations and mechanics to gel into place seamless.
In this conditioning session practice the postural, muscle recruitments and grip wisdom needed to begin to understand how to polestand.
This polework sessions reintroduces the mobility and muscular+joint wisdom to understand and use a straddle for acrobatic movement. From on the floor to up the pole learn practice rituals to…
Advancing straddle basics in this polework session into fine understandings of compound skills. Featuring posterior and anterior fine-tuning that recruit the straddle as a tool for pole trick movement.
Realizations about inverting and what it means for different body types, dance styles and lived experiences. Experiment with several modulations that address function, posture and movement with the safety of…
Continuing to modulate with invert mechanics and techniques, aerial considerations are brought to light. The advantages to using momentum to build strength AND coordination are practiced as well.
Sense of position practice with upper and lower body adjustments for inverts. This proprioceptive conditioning session is a progression class that can be repeated for more body awareness and coordination….
To condition the body to tilt back and the shoulders to remain engaged, we’ll focus on coordinating invert mechanics primarily using momentum. This, becoming a building block towards deadlifting an…
Revisiting knee-pit grip for effectiveness and performance. Become more confident the stability and transitioning component of double and single knee-pit grips.
How to use your knee-pit as a transition contact point is what is explored in this class session. Expanding upon knee-pit functionality, explore what takes shape through sustaining, extending, releasing…
Continuation modulations for transitioning through Knee-Pit. In this spicy conditioning class we talk rolling through the knee-pit for rotations, low pole tricking and we revisit inverting in the warm up….
Learn basic entries intro brass knee from floor, standing and aerial without the need of complex muscular strength. Condition the bodily mobility and contact points needed to have a secure…

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