“BodyVexxed” (“Spicy Conditioning” Subscription Library)

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Polework classes that entrain trick skill related body mechanics—reaction time, balance, recovery, endurance, mobility, calisthenic/movement strength and will. Use it or lose it. “Spicy Conditioning” is an obscene lens on pole conditioning that reconsiders what’s sabotaging your efforts.

In this conditioning session practice the postural, muscle recruitments and grip wisdom needed to begin to understand how to polestand.
This polework sessions reintroduces the mobility and muscular+joint wisdom to understand and use a straddle for acrobatic movement. From on the floor to up the pole learn practice rituals to…
Advancing straddle basics in this polework session into fine understandings of compound skills. Featuring posterior and anterior fine-tuning that recruit the straddle as a tool for pole trick movement.

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