“Spicy Conditioning” Pole Inner Thigh Grip In Superman Positions


On demand streaming class. Use it or lose it. “Spicy Conditioning” is an erotic lens on pole conditioning that reconsiders strength to include sensations and soul. Learn how bail, or exit off the pole using a pole inner thigh grip, that incorporates movement and mobility in the “prone” position.

pre-requirements: jasmine and have some knowledge of superman

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Must be able to execute: Jasmine and have some knowledge of superman

Session Overview

Understanding All The Elements That Make A Superman Plank Mobile
Keeping The Hips Up While the Inner Thigh Grip is Active
Using “Jasmine” To Condition Superman Plank Position Bail Outs
How Do You Add In Movement? Like Leg Waves?
Troubleshooting Points of Resistance
Bailing Out With The Inner Thighs From More Aerial Positions
Conditioning Homework: Practicing Plow, Plank & Cobra
Parting Thoughts