“BodySketch” Staticlical Seated Static Rotations Complex

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A 3 session development of skills that will form a practice for static rotations from a pole sit. Isolated of choreography and combinations, static rotation is introduced through the grooves of the  Performance Tempel tenants : “BodyScan”, “Spicy Conditioning”, and “BodySculpt”.

Revelations from head to toe that introduce pole sit static rotations with foundational concepts to begin, continue and exit out of cyclical movement. Sessions 1 of 3 of the Seated…
A session focused on learning ‘how’ to work out miscues and strengthening foundational abilities in the practice of movement in a seated position. Also an intro of variations and regripping…
Learn a few ways to transition from a pole sit static rotation into a trick in this final session of the ‘BodySketch’ Staticlical seated rotations.

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Series SessionS

'BodyScan' Full Body Layout Rotations Foundation Day 1 'Spicy Conditioning' Leg variations, Hip Tilts, Compression and Regrips Day 2 'BodySculpt' Pole Sit Static Rotation Into Tricks Day 3