Knee-Pit Grip & Mobility Lab

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Interactive Studio

Using the OG tricks to practice a deeper application of knee-pit gripping the pole.

Deepening, Dominating & Moving Through

Scenarios to change the condition of your skin, mobility, engagement and behaviors over three sessions in your at home space. Dripped over time, you will receive interactive facilitation along with movement homework to submit.

Access Time

Dec. Cohort | 11/26/2022 – 1/31/2023

Instant access to Lab #1 at purchase. The remaining 2 sessions become available over time but aren’t unlocked until interactions are completed. The interactive requirement = submitting video and receiving cues/correction.

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Enrollment includes: Video access thru specified dates, personalized help/cues + reminders.

Deepening: Lab 1 Dominating: Lab 2 Moving Through: Lab 3


Solid “Jasmine” or “Genie”

OG knee-grip tricks “jasmine” and “genie” are the foundation to explore the other intense shapes, flexibility and transitionary tricks in this journey.


Each session is at least 90 minutes long. Make your space your studio. You’ll need to carve out practices between sessions to form habits and replace sabotaging behaviors.