“BodySketch” Knee-Pit Grip Tricks Lab

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Develop your Knee-Pit Grip

Execute sexy tricks with a grip often seen as stiff. In this roadmap series you’ll develop single and double knee grips as a foundation to learn new shapes, flexibility and tricks.

Lab Course Outline

Purchase includes all session access for 9 weeks. Access to begin completing the recordings will be made available immediately after purchase.

Each session recording is about an hour long and builds upon knowledge from the previous. It’s recommended that you complete one session per week. Start at the beginning and continue through to each; so that each skill concept builds recollection and bodily memory as you progress.

Deepening: Ascending, Mounting & Descending With The Knee-Pit Dominating: Extension + Release Tricks and Shapes Using The Knee-Pit Moving Through: Range Of Motion & Thread Through Tricks With The Knee-Pit


Solid Execution of “Jasmine” and “Genie”

OG knee-grip tricks “jasmine” and “genie” are the foundation to explore the other intense shapes, flexibility and transitionary tricks in this journey.

Scheduled Time

Each session is apprx 60 minutes long. Make your space your studio. You’ll need to watch and engage with the entire video, start to finish, to process the progressions and practice the cues.