“BodySketch” Supinic— Flatter Jade Split—Complex (3 Day Series)

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A 3 session development of skills that will form a practice for entering, executing variations and exiting from a jade split pole trick Isolated of choreography and combinations, static rotation is introduced through the grooves of the  Performance Tempel tenants : “BodyScan”, “Spicy Conditioning”, and “BodySculpt”.

Evaluate movement and body components needed to make Jade/Supine split attainable. Get outer revelations and realtime detection of all the leads to and after attempting a Jade split.
Fine tuning adjustments to isolate and practice that will create efficiency in movement and/or address concern areas of limited mobility for Jade Split.
Day 3 of the Supinic Complex resolves with splitting techniques, variations and considerations for executing on static or spin. Additionally spice up shapes with strip removal.

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Series SessionS

'BodyScan' Inverted Hip Holds Skin Adaptation, Posturing & Extension Body Mechanics Day 1 'Spicy Conditioning' Movement Efficiency & Isolating Modification Exercises For Body Mobility Day 2 'BodySculpt' Modality, Positions & Variations for Jade Split Pole Trick Day 3