Inversion Prep (Head Down, Ass Up) Pole Dance Tricks Studio


Prepare for inverted pole tricks. This course is a roadmap for developing the upside-down skills needed before or while you learn to do a traditional invert. Get an introduction you to handstands, transitions from pole to floor and tricks that can be done without a traditional invert.



Advancing Beginners Bundle

"BodySketch" Jamilla Trick Roadmap Complex (3 Day Series)

An educational roadmap in three sessions for executing the pole dance trick Jamilla in movement that expands technique vocabulary, mechanics and transitional movement on the pole.

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All tricks in this course give learners the sensibilities of inversion skills like pole assisted handstand, handstand butterfly, inverted crucifix, caterpillar and more. Purchase grants immediate access to course sessions for up to 9 weeks.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Floor Balancing + Head, Forearm and Handstands

Session 2: Pushing Up Into an Inversion & Dropping Down Into an Inversion

Session 3: Getting Use To Moving On & Off The Pole While Upside-down