Conditioning Is the Sacrifice That Fuels The Fire. The Body is the Tempel.

Created by a former NPC competitor who was irritated by the “scams” and white supremacy of the industry, the Performance Tempel project launched in 2017 as a way to connect visual aesthetics, physical strength and mental resilience.

In 2021 Performance Tempel has become a pole strength & conditioning sanctuary for pole dancers, artists, aerialists and athletes. Wether you use pole to make money or as a creative outlet, Performance Tempel underlines pole as alchemy— a way to channel energy in artistic, restorative and entertaining ways that bring pleasure and delight.

This fully realized vision connects you and I to resources and communal care that develop the strength needed to create the body and movements we desire.

This space respects sex workers and reveres the history of pole and the origins of many movements that have come from strip clubs and dancers. Shame, erasure and clout chasing isn’t the wave. Care, protection and advocacy for the OGs and those who will choose it in the future is.

Who Am I?

I’m Savage.Seraphim or if you’d rather my birth name you can call me Ashley. Wanna be dope at something? Condition for it— repetitious practice and incremental progression. This is the underlying thing I’ve come to observe about the power of change to renew, evolve and explore life, even when one feels stuck.

The pleasure of coaching to condition minds & bodies is all mine. It’s fun. Here’s to seeing where Performance Tempel goes and hoping you join along for the ride. I am an LSU alumnus with a bachelor of fine arts, a former body builder, a designer and a human being that doesn’t have it figured out.

Follow Along

— Ashley S. (Savage.Seraphim)