Introduction to Pole Dance Funny Grip / Side Lever


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On-demand class streaming. A class that goes beyond a tutorial to progress you into the felt sensations needed for pole tricks that involve “Funny Grip”. Learn placements and mechanics that will help to progress you toward inverting with a side lever. 1 Hour of instruction  Class overview can be read below Time Marked Chapters Provided 

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Must be able to execute: pole climb, fan kick, basic invert to inverted crucifix

Class Overview

Intro & Shoulder Warm Up That You Shouldn’t Skip
Mapping The Hand Placements
Preparing Yourself To Stabilize & Suspend In Funny Grip
Using The PT Band To Assist
Two Introductory Tricks For Spicy Conditioning Funny Grip
Inverting With Funny Grip
Inspiration For Developing Execution Phrases
Funny Grip on Spin Offers Shape Making