“BodySculpt” Pole Superman-ish Transition Tricks


On-demand class streaming. In the “BodySculpt” class framework learn transitioning concepts from the pole superman shape to include exiting/dismounting, remaining aerial and ways to make dynamic visual transitions.

  • 75 Minutes of instruction
  • Class overview can be read below
  • Time Marked Chapters Provided
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If you’ve been pole dancing consistently for at least 6-8 months, this class should be appropriate. Must be able to execute: Jasmine, Superman. No invert is required to execute some of the variations in this class-but examples are provided if you can.

Class Overview

Brief Superman Mechanics Review
Building The Foundation For The Superman Transition From An Outside Knee-hook
Troubleshooting Transitionary Miscues
Options For Exiting Transitioning From Superman To Floor
Aerial Or Suspension Transition Options From Superman
Coordinating The Mechanics & Ways To Isolate Conditioning
Stuntastic Superman Transitions
Closing Resolutions