“BodySculpt” Pole Superman-ish Transition Tricks


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On-demand class streaming. In the “BodySculpt” class framework learn transitioning concepts from the pole superman shape to include exiting/dismounting, remaining aerial and ways to make dynamic visual transitions. 75 Minutes of instruction Class overview can be read below Time Marked Chapters Provided

If you’ve been pole dancing consistently for at least 6-8 months, this class should be appropriate. Must be able to execute: Jasmine, Superman. No invert is required to execute some of the variations in this class-but examples are provided if you can.

Class Overview

Brief Superman Mechanics Review
Building The Foundation For The Superman Transition From An Outside Knee-hook
Troubleshooting Transitionary Miscues
Options For Exiting Transitioning From Superman To Floor
Aerial Or Suspension Transition Options From Superman
Coordinating The Mechanics & Ways To Isolate Conditioning
Stuntastic Superman Transitions
Closing Resolutions