“BodySculpt” Side Saddle (Martini Grip) Thread-Through + Transition Trick


On-demand class streaming. This class is a deeper exploration into sculpting out what the ‘martini’ pole dance hold has to offer with sensational and erotic tricks from those contact points. Beginner(Not Intro) — Intermediate. This video was recorded on September 13th.

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When form meets physical dimensions it’s called sculpture. Come into the process of the “what” and “how” to flesh out an acrobatic shape or trick with your body, from floor to ceiling.

Purchase includes stream access to this class for 3 weeks.

Must be able to execute: martini sit, climb, no invert required-but examples are provided

Class Overview

Warm Up Movement
Dynamic Warm Up
The Mechanics of Side Saddle From Standing & Climbing
Cues For Exiting
Troubleshooting Unstable Transition Points From A Climb
Side Saddle Thread Through Trick
Let’s Talk About Doing It In Heels
Troubleshooting The Coordination From The Floor
Resolving Thoughts