An Open Recording For Opp Bitches & Challenge to Undo Groupthink

To whom it may concern, Don’t be an opp bitch. Groupthink is running its ass off with gasoline draws on gaslighting mothafuckas in society. This shit wasn’t even about me, but it was made about me when a mothafucka made a public blanketed statement referring to me doing coon-shit and sent it to me, instead […]

visual/Can You Condition Sex Appeal.jpg

In 2021, I said that Sex Appeal, in movement, is not synonymous with how intimate you are with yourself(sensuality). They can exist together but also can be separated. I’ve changed some of my context since, I first thought about this so I’d like to present an imagined framework

(Back of Knee or Deep Kneepit Grip) Video / Pole Grip Conditioning Drills

Back Of Knee Grip/Deep Knee-pit Hook = smooth backhook transitions, stable genie & jasmine poses and less intense hangs (dangerous bird, suicide spin).

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