What Happens When You No Longer Have A Pole? Or Feel Uninspired (Do You Still Dance?)

Being at the altar in practice, Divorcing the pole as an apparatus and also the sensual, erotic and the obscenity of the process of practice. This is a free preview of a paid episode. To hear more, visit 400degreezpole.substack.com

TW/Disclaimer: This episode carefully discusses death, near death experiences and makes mention of unalived ideations. There are also ideologies and language from Human Design, Biblical text, Yoruba, Mayan and other ethnic, spiritual and astrological heritages involved. Please listen with full consent, check in with yourself.


This one is for heavy human excavation . You’ll meet Tiara J. without introduction but you’ll soon feel her as a dancer, mover, film maker, oracle, scholar, writer and Black Queer Fat Femme.

Full disclosure. I am a tough critic about the unethical use of scholarship, divinity, politics, astrology and new age wellness ideologies in pole dance education. As I have witnessed it being no more than a marketing ploy with a lack of studied/lived experience, consensual boundaries and integrity of care for those engaging with it. Too, I believe that the spirit realm has space and there are times where the spirit space intersect with our space. That sort of weird woo-woo happens in this episode. I want to honor my ethical commitment to not indoctrinate those that learn with me against their beliefs and I want to offer the critical thinking to dismiss or disagree with what may be shared with respectful recognition.

It was a joy to discuss some of these topics that are characterized as heavy. I genuinely believe it will lighten someone’s load and they’ll get free from some of the shit that is actually weighing them down. Take a listen.

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