Invert Conditioning Drills- Intermediate Pole

After you’ve gotten the basics which takes a couple months, you’ll probably be invert conditioning for awhile.

Inversions on the pole can either go a couple of different ways— you can throw yourself in the air or you can smoothly lift yourself into the air (these drills are for mastering the latter)

  • Hip To Hands
  • Knee Ups To Froggies
  • Chopper V Holds

Difficulty: 7

Inverting isn’t a skill you can fake — visually your body will tell on you how much you’ve conditioned. Starting out these drills will be very difficult, but don’t get discouraged. Continue to do them and video document yourself so you can see the progressions.


Use to build core muscles and hip flexor mobility. Learn how to engage glute & quad muscles plus activate the core to elevate legs and hips with control.


(prescribed reps) : 4-6x — do the latter number if assisted with a resistance band. Execute each drill for both sides of the body