Low Pole Jade Split Conditioning & Progressions

As a person that could not do a split prior to pole, it was important to start conditioning Jade sort of early in my pole journey.

These Floor/Low Pole Jade Split conditioning progressions will help you train to get into your Jade safely:

  • Inside Leg Hamstring Stretch (w/ back leg engaged)
  • Outside Leg Quad Activation
  • Hamstring Extension
  • Hip Rotation & Hip Flexor Strengthening
  • Hip Hold Squeeze Conditioning

Difficulty: 6-9

If you aren’t flexible at all, some of these exercises and progressions will be a challenge. As with all conditioning repetition and rest will aid in seeing physical progress.


Use to train progressions towards nailing your jade split. These low pole movements will assist in gaining active flexibility and getting your body familiar with the movements and pain of the Jade pose.


(prescribed reps)— For stretches attempt to hold for at least 60 seconds. If that proves to be too intense hold for three 25 second intervals.