Strength Training Resistance Band : SZN 2



Minimalist gym anywhere. Train & build strength where you choose. Resistance bands can be used at home, while traveling or in a gym. The extended length makes them versatile for full body or concentrated movements. Limited stock ensures exclusivity, craftsmanship and quality that guarantees years of prolonged use without snapping.

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    • Extended length resistance band
      • 40.5  inches length ( 104 cm) / 81 inches circumference  (208cm)
    • Length/circumference can be shortened by tying
    • Resistance can be increased by doubling
    • Durable grade material (100% latex)
    •  Options: Lite=up to 5-15lbs resistant force / Medium= up to 15-40lb resistant force / Extra= up to 20-75lb resistant force
      • (!) FYI: Resistance bands are not like regular weights. They follow your natural strength curve. The farther the band is stretched, the stronger the resistant force. The force of these bands were selected for novice to advanced so that you feel and see results.


Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 2.5 in
Band Options

Lite Resistance, Medium Resistance, Heavy Resistance, Starter Set of 2 (Lite + Med), Performance Set of 3 (Lite + Med + Heavy)