Pole Climb Conditioning Drills For Beginners

Most people think pole climbs are mainly about the arms, but the secret to aesthetically pleasing pole climbs is in the core and legs.

How to pole climb for beginners is all about conditioning the progressions in the grip of your choice (forearm/bracket grip is best for baby polers) :

  • Knee Ups — the act of lifting the legs off the pole to elevate up the pole
  • Pole Sissy Squats — the act of using the legs to push the body up the pole [ instead of pulling your body up using too much arm energy]

Difficulty: 2-3

These aren’t challenging, especially if you’re using resistance bands and/or starting from the floor.


Use to master technique and build core & leg strength for smooth pole climbing.


(prescribed reps) : 7-12x — do the latter number if assisted with a resistance band. Be sure to switch up, doing both left and right hand on top.