“BodySketch” Staticlical Pole Sit Static Rotations Complex (3 Day Series)


Rotations aerially on static pole through pole sits.   A 3 session development of skills that will form a practice for static rotations from a pole sit. Isolated of choreography and combinations, static rotation is introduced through the grooves of the  Performance Tempel tenants : “BodyScan”, “Spicy Conditioning”, and “BodySculpt”.

  • 60-90 min Sessions
  • Four week access to recordings 
  • Pre-requisites are necessary— Efficient Static spin (chair, fireman or other),  Efficient climb, fan/flare kick, and awareness of basic pole sit. 
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  • ‘BodyScan’ Full Body Foundation For Pole Sit Static Rotation Day 1 (Evaluation)
  • ‘Spicy Conditioning’ Isolated Conditioning Techniques Day 2 (Address Miscues)
  • ‘BodySculpt’ Pole Sit Static Rotation Into Tricks Day 3 (Dynamic Movement Education)
Revelations from head to toe that introduce pole sit static rotations with foundational concepts to begin, continue and exit out of cyclical movement. Sessions 1 of 3 of the Seated…
A session focused on learning ‘how’ to work out miscues and strengthening foundational abilities in the practice of movement in a seated position. Also an intro of variations and regripping…
Learn a few ways to transition from a pole sit static rotation into a trick in this final session of the ‘BodySketch’ Staticlical seated rotations.

“BodyScan” is a movement evaluation class that provides outer revelation and realtime detection of your body in relation to executing the designated class concept(s). Leave with isolated components to work on.

When form meets physical dimensions it’s called sculpture. “BodySculpt” is a movement progressions class that focuses on execution. Learn the “whats” and “hows” to flesh out an acrobatic feat with your body, from floor to ceiling.

Use it or lose it. “Spicy Conditioning” is an obscene lens on pole conditioning that reconsiders what’s sabotaging your power. Its efforts are to drill connections of spirit and strength to prepare you for the rites of passage for the trick skills in focus.