Fan & Flare Kicks Skill Development

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Process & Practice

Practicing a consistent skill and more than basic understanding of OG trick skill of fan & flare kicks

60 Minute practice sessions that spark the process of considerations & sensations needed to build the habitual execution of fan and flare kick tricks

devoted Practice time

Practice Outline

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Each session builds upon knowledge from the previous. Start at the beginning and continue through to each so that each skill concept builds recollection and bodily memory.

Introduction To Fan & Flare Kicks Fan Kicks: Different Grips & Executions (featuring aerial) Flare Kicks: Different Grips & Executions (featuring aerial)


Working Awareness of Stronghold Grip

If you’ve never been introduced to “stronghold grip” these sessions may be very frustrating.

A free video with drills that will introduce you to the concepts of “stronghold grip” and the beginning of fan kicks exists on the Performance Tempel Youtube.

Scheduled Time

Each session is apprx 60 minutes long. Make your space your studio. You’ll need to watch and engage with the entire video, start to finish, to process the progressions and practice the cues.