“BodySculpt” Thrilla In Jamilla —Int/Adv/Proficent (2 Class Dyad Complex)


Virtual Class 1: Sunday June 23rd @ 6pm EDT

Virtual Class 2: Wednesday June 26th @ 3pm EDT

A dyad BodySculpt complex ( 2 days of vigorous activities). Enhancing proficiency in intermediate/advanced exotic polework techniques, with an emphasis on response sharpening and situation recognition using the “Jamilla” trick.

If you cannot make both classes you are still eligible to receive the recording and feedback during the 4 weeks of access. 

  • 120 minute sessions
  • Four week access to recordings
  • Expect to learn execution situations like: level changes, static rotations, dynamic/sustained transitions, legwork and sexualization/obscenity
  • Dialogue about interpretation and meaning will be had between modulations
  • Pre-requisites are required— you MUST have a mechanical and functional understanding of Jamilla already to take this class. Must have ability to perform Jamilla on both sides (if physically accessible). 

If you do not feel that you’re approaching proficiency in your Jamilla consider taking the basic tier “Jamilla Roadmap” OR competent tier “Jamilla Revival” classes.

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  • ‘BodySculpt’ Jamilla Level Changes & Legwork (Class 1 -Sunday)
  • ‘BodySculpt’ Jamilla Energy Dynamics & Sexualization (Class 2 – Wednesday)

When form meets physical dimensions it’s called sculpture. “BodySculpt” is a movement modulations class tenant that focuses on execution(s) eduaction.