Graphic Arts: “BodyView” Cinematic Audio/Visual Video Editing For Media Posting, Portfolio & Show Submissions


A 90 minute on-demand class for developing the art of motion picture treatments for pole dancers without needing the most expensive gear. No Pole Required. Access granted immediately after purchase.

The intent for cinematography is to elevate the viewing experience without gimmicky distraction from the filmed movement or distorting the authenticity of the moment. We will not be using templates—this is a class to develop your unique creative perspective.

I have a BFA in studio art with a concentration in graphic design and will teach about treatments for public posting under different creative or professional circumstances: (a.) social media—multi platform, (b.)portfolio and (c.) show submissions. I’ll disclose:

  • High-grade, low to no cost softwares
  • Filming techniques that aid in the editing process or cutout unnecessary enhancements
  • Graphic principles
  • Inner Vision
  • Aesthetic qualities that ensure the realistic and representational art of the motion picture.
  • A  handbook, class outline and list of tutorial links is also included with purchase.
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