BodyFlesh (Tricks “Off-the-cuff” Subscription)

$115.00 / month for 4 months and a $35.00 sign-up fee

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A biweekly group education to expose your body’s grooving of tricks around a static pole. A processual practicing of tricks as a tongue of the spirit—being able to coalesce kineastheisa and off-the-cuff erotic attunement.  Must be competent in basic trick skills to enroll.   

Terms & Conditions (required)

I am capable of executing the required basics to participate which includes: pole walk (in platform heels), pole sit, pole climb, invert/inversion, single + double knee-pit grip, Jamilla, fan kick, hood ornament, handstand butterfly, float OR airwalk

I agree to pay $115 USD per month, for four (4) months to subscribe to Performance Tempel’s BodyFlesh (Tricks “Off-the-cuff”) subscription. This includes the $35 sign up fee. I authorize the payment method used at checkout to be automatically charged each month on the date of purchase. I acknowledge that Performance Tempel respects my privacy and cannot see or does not have access to my banking or payment method specifics. I acknowledge that I can change payment methods at my discretion. I accept that if I cancel my subscription before it expires, I need to provide written notice via email and I will have to pay the sign up fee once again if I wish to participate again. I accept that if I miss a monthly payment that my access will be paused and will be cancelled, and if I wish to participate again at a later time I will have to pay the sign up fee again. I acknowledge that if I honor my four month agreement and wish to participate consecutively I will notify via email and I will have the sign up fee waived each time I renew my subscription consecutively.

Important Details

  • These classes will be cued for and mostly in platform heels. Wearing heels is not a requirement to participate in class. Though, It’s important to recognize that executing tricks in platform heels is an erotic labor tradition so it is given respect as a form itself. The attention to heels as apart of the practice and education is not a fashionable afterthought.
  • 120 min class biweekly on Mondays @ 7:30pm ET/6:30pm Central/5:30pm MT/4:30PM PT (summer’s Day & Time are subject to change as seasons change)
  • $35 one-time registration fee . $115 per month
  • There is 4 month commitment at a time. Subscription will automatically expire after 4 months.
  • Renewals can be requested without paying sign up fee again for subscribers that do not cancel before their commitment expires.
  • All classes are recorded and are accessible as long as subscription continues
  • Programming is focused on learning how to practice trick skills with soul, stability and coherence.
  • Automatic invitations to every class will be emailed (regardless if you can attend live or not). Subscribers must accept invitations to indicate live participation 
  • Receive a discount on other Performance Tempel trick skill series or live classes as a subscriber