Live pole dance trick classes are held virtually. Please ‘view more’ to read class descriptions for details surrounding format and prerequisite skills.

 Session$Live Class DateQuick ViewPick
"BodySculpt" Intermediate Knee-Pit Tricks Oct 4th$47.0010/04, Wed 2:30 PM EDTView More
"Spicy Conditioning" Oct 9th$27.0010/09, Mon 12:30 PM EDTView More
"BodyScan" Deconstructing Shoulder Dismount As An Exiting Trick Oct 9th$47.0010/09, Mon 3:00 PM EDTView More
"BodySculpt" Superman-ish Trick Transitions Oct 11th$47.0010/11, Wed 2:30 PM EDTView More
"Spicy Conditioning" Oct 16th$27.0010/16, Mon 12:30 PM EDTView More

Attendance Terms: Class bookings are non-refundable, no exceptions. If you are purchasing the class, with the intention of obtaining the recording only, please notate that at checkout. There must be a minimum of 2 participants (observing without moving or actively moving ) for classes to be held. When classes do not meet the minimum you will be rebooked. If you will not be able to make it to a class, but still wish to receive the recording written notice must be emailed no little than 12 hours before the class start time, or it will be considered a cancellation. “No-notice, no-shows” and cancellations will not be rebooked or receive recordings. Classes are recorded, with recordings being streaming for 4 weeks before access expires.


Different strokes for different folks.


“BodyScan” is an evaluation class that provides learners of all levels revelation + detection of their bodies in relation to executing common tricks. Leave with isolated concepts to work on and a compass for the type of classes to invest in.


When form meets physical dimensions it’s called sculpture. “BodySculpt” is a movement progressions class that focuses on execution of one trick or explores skill-sets that involve it. Learn the “what” and “how” to flesh out an acrobatic feat with your body, from floor to ceiling. Levels/skill needs will cary and will be listed for each class.

Ritual Of Practice

Use it or lose it. “Ritual of Practice” is a spicy take on pole conditioning that reconsiders strength. Commit to a motley of skill activities that strip sabotage and prepare you for the rites of passage for tricks/stunts that become you.  All Levels