Head Down, Ass Up Pre-Inversion Pole Tricks Lab

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Prepare yourself for inversion pole tricks and being upside down on the pole

A roadmap for developing the upside-down skills you need before you learn to do a traditional invert, while also introducing you to inverted tricks that can be done close to the ground and transition into floorwork.

Inversion Pole Dance Tricks Handstand X-Grip

Pre-Inversion Pole Tricks Lab Course Outline

Purchase includes all session access for 9 weeks. Access to begin completing the recordings will be made available immediately after purchase.

Each session recording is about an hour and a half long and builds upon knowledge from the previous. It’s recommended that you complete one session per week. Start at the beginning and continue through to each; so that each skill concept builds recollection and bodily memory as you progress.

Floor Balancing + Head, Forearm and Handstands Pushing Up Into an Inversion & Dropping Down Into an Inversion Getting Use To Moving On & Off The Pole While Upside-down
Inversion Pole Dance Tricks Course Showing Different Skills


Solid Climb & Jasmine

You’ll need to know how to do a climb and jasmine to participate in this course without a lot of frustration. You do not need to know how to invert to take this course.

Scheduled Time For Inversion Pole Tricks

Each session is apprx 90 minutes long. Make your space your studio. You’ll need to watch and engage with the entire video, start to finish, to process the progressions and practice the cues.


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