Explicit Butt, Thigh & Hip Grip Tricks Lab

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Sexualized Tricks From A Pole Sit

These tricks intend to sexualize the body explicitly, requiring grip and mobility from body parts often made sexual. And they all can be done from a pole sit.

PAYment Options

Enrollment includes: Replay video access for 2 months.

PayPal Credit financing accepted. Pay Over 6 months, no interest. At checkout select ‘Paypal method’, and then PayLater.

Lab Course Outline

Purchase includes all session recordings for 8 weeks.

Each sessions is a full length class, which has been edited with chapter markers. Each session builds upon knowledge from the previous. Start at the beginning and continue through to each; so that each skill concept builds recollection and bodily memory as you progress.

Violator To Diamond Cut/Violation Split Hello Boys To Thread Spread Bottle Rocket To Rocket/Switch Blade/Vertical Split


Top tier technical instruction.

Not only has this instruction over the last few weeks increased my understanding of Ayesha. But my body as a whole. It has increased my mind to muscle connection and even influenced the way that I teach as an instructor.
—Ameenah @adrenalinespin


Challenging, accesible, fun.

Not just run of the mill trick training.

I enjoyed lab a lot. Ashley was great at breaking down the move, providing props for assistance and proprioception training, and showing how to give the move flare (entrance, exits, and execution) – not just run of the mill trick training. The effort and thought she puts into the class recordings is unmatched. Great lab
— Alex @eroartiste


Enjoyable Learning

Excited to learn more.

I can’t begin to say how much I’ve enjoyed learning with Ashley in Knee Pit lab! I’m writing this review before the 3rd/last lab but I know I’ll love that one too. She is so patient and is great at explaining what you need to change in order to stick a move. She also emphasized stretching and body engagement, which is better at establishing muscle memory than just showing you the move like most virtual teachers. All of the stretches and drills she gives help in some way and are easy to replicate the concept on the pole. I’ve learned so much in only a month and it’s made me excited to learn more.
— Cee @thatgiirlcee



Pole Climb

Being able to efficiently climb or elevate upright to get height on the pole is required to take this course. If climbing is difficult or takes a lot of effort you may find this course more than frustrating.

This lab is suitable for beginners but not at an introductory level.

Pole Sit

To enroll it is required to be able to get into and hold a traditional pole sit on spin or static for at least 2 inhale/exhales without sliding.