“BodySketch” Staticlical Tricks Prelim Complex

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A 3 session underlay of skills that will form a practice for static pole spins. Isolated of choreography and combinations, static spins are brought to life through the grooves of the  Performance Tempel tenants : “BodyScan”, “Spicy Conditioning”, and “BodySculpt”.

Day one of laying the substructure for static rotations with static spins. This evaluation classes deconstructs the fireman pole spin to detect and scan for foundational mechanics that create static…
In this class, static spin mechanics are isolated to confront miscued signals that your body is giving and advance to more challenging static spins (and transitions) where understanding is present….
The finale session to “Staticlical” Complex” series connects essential static spins to dimensional tricks that include a splitty pole and floor shape and dynamic rotational climbing.

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Series SessionS

'BodyScan' Full Body Foundation For Static Spins Day 1 (Evaluation) 'Spicy Conditioning' Isolated Practice & Advancing Static Spin Techniques Day 2 (Address Mechanics + Miscues) 'BodySculpt' Essential Static Spins Into Tricks Day 3 (Acrobatic & Dynamic Movement Education)