Gluey Monkeyhands Pole Grip Aide (For Int/Adv Pole & Aerial Silks)


Gluey is a liquid gel grip enhancement formula that offers super firm/extremely strong additional grip enhancement.


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Because of the strength of this formula, purchases will be carefully considered by intended use. For pole dancing this product should not be used by absolute beginners or for basic skills that requires hands to move. Due to the super enhancement of this formula it could cause dependency or too much grip which is unsafe for certain pole dancing skills. For aerial silks users this formula is suitable for the needed friction and tacky adherence that is needed for fabric.

Monkeyhands is a Mexico based chemical company that specializes in creating solutions to improve grip.


Watch the Instagram Stories Series for more details:

Q: Which of the formulas is most like dry hands? 

R: The “Dry” formula is most like dry hands it offers no extra tac or grip enhancement. It dries the hands and repels sweat in order to create more friction, to make gripping easier. This is what dry hands does also.

Q: Which is recommended for practicing a-lot, a-lot?

R: If you practice for long periods of time and sweat, I recommend a mix. Using the dry to practice, and either the “classic” or “sticky” to perform with. As grip will be constantly effected by fatigue and sweat

Q: Which is recommended for Tricks?

R: “Sticky” — this will provide the most grip enhancements. So hands do not slip. However, after prolonged fatigue and sweating you will have to wash your hands,  clean the pole and reapply to reestablish grippy conditions.

Q: What is Classic (Sensitive Skin)? 

R: It is the classic grip enhancement, formulated for sensitive skin

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