Bow & Arrow Pole Trick & Transitional Shape


On-demand class streaming. This is an in-depth, versatile class covering the bow & arrow pole trick from transitional tool to aerial feat. Take this class as a way discover a new exit or to condition for more advanced tricks like iguana. 

  • 1 Hour of instruction 
  • Class overview can be read below
  • Time Marked Chapters Provided 
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Must be able to execute: climb, pole sit and layback. No invert required-but examples are provided

Class Overview

Easing Fear W/ Movement & Awareness Warm Up
Bow & Arrow @ The Base
Conditioning Homework
Bow & Arrow Trick Aerially
Feeling Out the Iguana Grip
From The FloorSafety & Bailing/Failing To Protect Yourself
Resolving Observations & Thoughts