Graphic Arts: “BodyView” Thirst Trap—Cinematic Cues Visual Creation Session


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 An hour and 45 minutes of cue curated visual creation to quench creative drought.  No pole required. The intent is to film material that makes subtext visible—things that we don’t want to explain/can’t always blatantly speak. On Demand stream, immediate access after purchase.      

BodyView Bundle Add-on (Optional)

Graphic Arts: “BodyView” Cinematic Audio/Visual Video Editing For Media Posting, Portfolio & Show Submissions

A 90 minute on-demand class for developing the art of motion picture treatments for pole dancers without needing the most expensive gear. No Pole Required. Access granted immediately after purchase.

The intent for cinematography is to elevate the viewing experience without gimmicky distraction from the filmed movement or distorting the authenticity of the moment. We will not be using templates—this is a class to develop your unique creative perspective.


Clarification point:

This session extends the cinematic editing education with active practicing setting scenes and filming oneself.

We will not be editing in this is a class, we will be moving/dancing/ “still” life recording based on artistic cueing imagined to trigger actions related to cinematic, graphic and visual principles.

Although this is not a prompts based class (guide/focus direction that inspires creation) that inspires movements, I will cue (signal/trigger responses that inspire creation) you into setting a scene for you to move or capture. You will need to come in with your own body language.


  • 2 filming devices ( this can be your webcam + your mobile device OR other film capturing devices)
  • Inner Vision Technique (instructions for this are included in this sessions’ handbook OR you can bundle this class with the “Cinematic Editing” streamed class)
  • Read the session handbook (included with purchase)