“BodySketch” LiftJ’azz Complex (Shoulder Mount Sessions)


Outlining the practice of lifting using the shoulder on the pole and the basic mobility of where to go once suspended aerially.   A 2  part development workshop of the skills needed to practice lifting and suspending using your shoulder and hands. A few executions and transitions will also be instructed.

  • Day 1: Mon, Mar 11 @ 3pm  +  Day 2: Tues, Mar 12 @ 3pm 
  • 90 min Sessions
  • Four week access to recordings 
  • Pre-requisites are necessary—  Efficient inverted crucifix, inner thigh grip, shoulder dismount

!Important Disclaimer! If you cannot shoulder dismount efficiently, these sessions may be more challenging. Consider purchasing “BodySculpt” Deconstructing Pole Shoulder Dismount to fine-tune that skill before attempting to lift.  

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  • Mon, Mar 11 @ 3pm ‘Spicy Conditioning’ Day 1
  • Tues, Mar 12 @ 3pm ‘BodySculpt’ Day 2

  • ‘Spicy Conditioning’ Isolated Conditioning & Modifications Day 1 (Address Miscues)
  • ‘BodySculpt’ Jade Split Tricks Day 2 (Variation & Illusion Split Education)

When form meets physical dimensions it’s called sculpture. “BodySculpt” is a movement progressions class that focuses on execution. Learn the “whats” and “hows” to flesh out an acrobatic feat with your body, from floor to ceiling.

Use it or lose it. “Spicy Conditioning” is an obscene lens on pole conditioning that reconsiders what’s sabotaging your power. Its efforts are to drill connections of spirit and strength to prepare you for the rites of passage for the trick skills in focus.