Grips & Holds — Surveying Artistic Ability & Core Skill Awareness For Executing Pole Dance Tricks (FAFO Coursework)

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Class-length lessons to survey what you know or what you need to know when it comes to gripping and holding the pole to execute tricks.


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Enrollment includes: Stream access to 2 (two) full length videos. Replay video access for 21 days


Each session builds upon knowledge from the previous. Start at the beginning and continue through to each; so that each skill concept builds recollection and bodily memory as you progress. This courseload is recommend for dancers who have at least six (6) months of experience with pole dancing and interested in surveying their artistic capability and developing techniques of function so that they can create movement from their imagination.

Foundational Grips & Gripping The Pole To Suspend And Inspire Movement Through Assesments Holds & Engaging The Pole With Body Parts And Hands To Create Movement & Execute Core OG Tricks Through Assesments


Pole Climb

Being able to efficiently climb or elevate upright to get height on the pole is required to take this course. If climbing is difficult or takes a lot of effort you may find this course more than frustrating.

Pole Sit

To enroll it is required to be able to get into and hold a traditional pole sit on spin or static for at least 2 inhale/exhales without sliding.