Explicit Butt, Thigh & Hip Grip Tricks Lab

Three weeks of learning sexualized trick transitions from a pole sit. Sundays @ 7:30PM (Eastern Time).

Begins Sunday. April 16th. Participate live or by recording.

VIxen ascension climb

This sexed up “legless pole climb” meets “pole-sit pull up” is One third of the ‘Grown Ass Climb’ OG Practice Course. Spicy condition your pole climbs.

Performance Tempel is my artistic imagination for body condition and sex-appeal. Here, I want you to tithe into the erotic nature of pole dance trick development. This is an art school for OG pole dance tricks.

To start, physically I ship conditioning resistance bands and Monkeyhands grip aide that is useful to your practice. And virtually, I teach OG skill development sessions in solo or small group numbers where you can process pole dance tricks in-depth.

Monkeyhands Sticky Tube
Monkeyhands Grip Aide
Pole Dance Conditioning Resistance Bands - Lite, Medium & Heacy
Pole dance conditioning bands

Pole Dance Tricks Development

Set aside 60 minutes to practice and develop specific OG pole dance trick skills in a small group setting, virtually. Pop in to sessions to understand/brush up on skills.

All times displayed in Eastern Time (Atlanta, GA – USA)

Pole dance trick conditioning, virtually,
as complex art & long term skill development.