Pole dance tricks Virtually

Instructed by Ashley Savage, Performance Tempel is a virtual school, with courses (live and recorded) that teach the art of pole dance tricks online, at home. Create a practice ritual at home to use the body as a canvas and develop tricks as channels.

Recent Lessons

A moment to pause, transitionary split trick that has a few variations for people with differing ranges of flexibility and positional options. Understanding ‘Cradle’ and ‘Jamilla’ strongly recommended.
An enriching class that integrates techniques for rotation and variating spins and spirals to improve the relationship of rotational movement around the pole on spin or static.
Opening the ‘Suspension & Momentum courseload with a refreshment of conditioning, troubleshooting and exploration of push, pull and force.
An improvisational format to sex up the “teddy” trick with a split and transitions that allow for the sensations and mechanics to gel into place seamless.
Resurrecting and refreshing the basics of what it actually means to hold the pole versus hang from it. Get inspired and solidify mechanics to increase and advance execution.
The first part of a two-part courseload, revive stale interpretations of basic gripping skills to experience more profound movement opportunities. Recommended before starting ‘Suspension & Momentum’ course.

The art of complexity.


Monkeyhands Sticky Tube

Performance Tempel is my artistic imagination for body condition and sex-appeal. Here, I want you to make your home (body and space), your threshold into the erotic nature—that is to say— the naked truth of pole dance trick development. Which is, that the process is complex, and satisfying even with limitations. Whether you want to cultivate a practice strictly at home or need concentrated time outside the studio to hone in on a trick, try me.

Participate in full high definition, live classes or stream the detailed recordings at your own designated time. Create a sense of security with a set of resistance bands and round out the need for assistance with a Monkeyhands grip aide formula from the shop.

Pole Dance Tricks Development

Set aside 60 minutes to practice and develop specific OG pole dance trick skills in a small group setting, virtually. Pop in to sessions to understand/brush up on skills.

All times displayed in Eastern Time (Atlanta, GA – USA)

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Pole dance trick conditioning, virtually,
as complex art & long term skill development.