Invert Momentum Coordination Cues ‘Spicy Conditioning’

Length: 90 minutesComplexity: Standard

To condition the body to tilt back and the shoulders to remain engaged, we'll focus on coordinating invert mechanics primarily using momentum. This, becoming a building block towards deadlifting an invert.

Knee-Pit As Transitional Contact Point ‘Spicy Conditioning’

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Standard

How to use your knee-pit as a transition contact point is what is explored in this class session. Expanding upon knee-pit functionality, explore what takes shape through sustaining, extending, releasing and rolling through the contact point.

Knee-Pit Transitional Part II ‘Spicy Conditioning’

Length: 90 minutesComplexity: Standard

Continuation modulations for transitioning through Knee-Pit. In this spicy conditioning class we talk rolling through the knee-pit for rotations, low pole tricking and we revisit inverting in the warm up.