• "BodySculpt" Thrilla In Jamilla Complex (2 Day Practicum)

    1 Lesson
    • "BodySculpt" Thrilla In Jamilla —Int/Adv/Proficent (2 Class Dyad Complex) - $110.00

    Enhancing proficiency in intermediate/advanced exotic polework techniques, with an emphasis on response sharpening and situation recognition using the “Jamilla” trick.

  • “BodyView” Cinematic Video Editing Techniques & Artistry for Movement (Graphic Arts)

    1 Lesson
    • Graphic Arts: "BodyView" Cinematic Audio/Visual Video Editing For Media Posting, Portfolio & Show Submissions - $57.00

    Developing the artistic vision through recording for people who dance/move their bodies. Be exposed to various cinematic filming and editing techniques and software that will advance aesthetic qualities that ensure the realistic and representational art of the motion picture.

  • "BodyScan" Jamilla Trick Revival (Competency Refresher)

    1 Lesson
    • "BodyScan" Jamilla Trick Revival (Competency Refresher Session) - $57.00

    Head to to toe and floor to ceiling revelations in this Jamilla trick execution refresher. Become reacquainted with technique and receive new soul filled cues to personalize entry, execution and exit of Jamilla Deville's namesake trick.

  • "BodySketch" Jamilla Trick Roadmap Complex

    3 Lessonsin
    • "BodySketch" Jamilla Trick Roadmap Complex (3 Day Series) - $150.00

    An educational roadmap in three sessions for executing the pole dance trick Jamilla in movement that expands technique vocabulary, mechanics and transitional movement on the pole.

  • 'BodyVexxed' Drop-In (Recording Only) “Spicy Conditioning”

    1 Lesson

    A drop-in session to the BodyVexxed Club Subscription. Drop in to taste-test a class. Like it? Become a full member of the club

  • “BodySketch” Supinic— Flatter Jade Split—Complex (3 Day Series)

    3 Lessons
    • "BodySketch" Supinic Tricks Complex (Flat Jade Split 3 Day Series) - $150.00

    A 3 session development of skills and techniques that will form a practice for entering, executing variations and exiting from a jade split pole trick

  • "BodyVexxed" ("Spicy Conditioning" Subscription Library)

    12 Lessons
    • BodyVexxed ("Tricks Conditioning" Subscription) - $75.00 / month for 4 months and a $50.00 sign-up fee

    Polework classes that entrain trick skill related body mechanics—reaction time, balance, recovery, endurance, mobility, calisthenic/movement strength and will.

  • “BodySketch” Staticlical Seated Static Rotations Complex

    3 Lessons
    • "BodySketch" Staticlical Pole Sit Static Rotations Complex (3 Day Series) - $150.00

    A 3 session development of skills that will form a practice for static rotations from a pole sit. Isolated of choreography and combinations, static rotation is introduced through the grooves of the  Performance Tempel tenants : "BodyScan", "Spicy Conditioning", and "BodySculpt".

  • "BodySketch" Staticlical Tricks Prelim Complex

    3 Lessons
    • "BodySketch" Staticlical Tricks Prelim Complex (Static Spins 3 Day Series) - $150.00

    A 3 session underlay of skills that will form a practice for static pole spins. Isolated of choreography and combinations

  • "BodySketch" Invertical Tricks Complex

    5 Lessons
    • "BodySketch" Invertical Tricks Complex (5 Day Series) - $250.00

    What are you mislead about, when it comes to being ass up and head down for tricks (inverted)? Create and practice curiosity through 5 Days of classes from Performance Tempel

  • “Spicy Conditioning” Pole Introductory Inversion Mechanics

    1 Lesson
    • "Spicy Conditioning" Pole Introductory Inversion Mechanics - $37.00

    Learn the introductory mechanics and function for inverting on the pole beyond upper body strength. You're not too bottom heavy, you just need to employ different techniques to condition.

  • “BodySculpt” Pole Superman-ish Trick Transitions

    1 Lesson
    • "BodySculpt" Pole Superman-ish Transition Tricks - $57.00

    When form meets physical dimensions it's called sculpture. This is the process of the "what" and "how" to flesh out transitioning concepts from superman to include exiting/dismounting, remaining aerial and dynamic visual transitions.