Basic Pole Conditioning Drills- Beginner Pole

When I say beginner here, I mean you’ve been poling for a couple weeks to a month and you’re ready to step it up.

These are 4 pole exercises (when done together) that will begin to prepare your full body to execute some basic pole techniques.

  • Legless Pole Climb
  • Pole Push (with sliders for carpet)
  • Pule Pull (with sliders for carpet)
  • Shoulder Mount Prep

Difficulty: 3

Although these aren’t all that difficult, some will find it puzzling at first. It’s okay if you can’t perform these exercises on the first try, still attempt. Every attempt is building and your body is learning.


Use to build muscles for “push-pull” movement needed to execute most grips, build upper body strength and to begin conditioning the pain of shoulder mounts.


(prescribed reps) : 5-10x — do the latter number if assisted with a resistance band. Execute for both sides of the body