Pole Hanging Pike (V) – Core & Invert Pole Conditioning

As a baby poler and a former body builder, I find myself studying pole movements and ways to progress into them without breaking my neck and while also building the necessary strength to perform the movement with control.

The Pole Hanging Pike (V) isn’t anything new, it’s a calisthenic move perfect for pole because in a strong hold grip it’s teaching your body about hip-hinge movement while also challenging your abs to contract and lift the legs up.

Difficulty: 6.5

on a scale of 1-10 (10 being very difficult), hanging V Pikes are about a 6.5. Depending on how your body is built (I’m very bottom heavy) is how much —more— ab strength it may require.


Use the hanging pike to condition strength for: Inverting, Chopper


(prescribed reps) : 8-12x — do the latter if assisted with a resistance band.