Explicit Butt, Thigh & Hip Grip Tricks Studio


The tricks taught in this course intend to sexualize the body explicitly, requiring grip and mobility from body parts often made sexual. And they all can be done from a pole sit. All levels— must be ale to climb and pole sit.

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You will be introduced to the soft and hard skills needed for the entry, execution, transition and exit variations for each trick skillset that involves creating oppositional force with the butt, thigh and hips. This course is strict on developing the cognitive and physical behaviors needed for execution and continued practice that does not heighten the risk of injury. The interpretations of these tricks will be in an explicit nature. Each week you will be taught two tricks that can be easily transitioned into.

Course Outline

Session 1: Violator To Diamond Cut/Violation Split

Session 2: Hello Boys To Thread Spread

Session 3: Bottle Rocket To Vertical Split

Please be advised that profanity and sexually suggestive language could be used in cueing, facilitation and music — it’s not recommended that individuals that could be triggered by content of this sort participate in the environment.