Teddy Split & Armpit Variation Tricks — A La Carte


00:00 Intro
05:20 Laying The Foundation For Sensations
14:37 The Mechanics Of Teddy Bear
19:44 Additional Cues For Troubleshooting Teddy
20:57 Experiencing the “sliding” or “moving” feeling? Yes that’s a thing.
22:07 Variations of Aladdin Teddy & Queen Fania
24:01 Checking In With Sensations VS Mirroring The Shapes
25:07 Dancing These Transitions & Similar To Teddy Shapes/Holds
29:48 What Happens When You Overthink The Movements And Focus on The Outcomes
32:06 Let’s Take It Up With A Mounting Transition
35:32 Teddy From A Flare
36:43 Trust -Fucking Around and FALLING Out
37:39 Troubleshooting Common Miscues
38:30 Finally, The Teddy Split
40:50 Keeping Leg Contact w/ The Pole Or Not To?
42:08 Troubleshoots For Executing
44:07 Inspiration for entries, exits and executions
45:37 Listening To Your Body
49:49 Troubleshooting Transitions on Spin Mode
52:10 Remember to Check In With Your Body
55:59 Resolving Feedback & Thoughts

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