Pole Conditioning Resistance Bands: For Spotting, Stretching & Training


  Spot yourself & build strength using resistance bands on and off the pole. The extended length makes them versatile for aerial, inverts, grips or difficult pole movements. Use as a spot, as assistance or as workout equipment. 6 versatile pole conditioning bands options to choose from wether you’ve never touched a pole, to working…

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Option Recommendations:

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  • Extended length resistance band
    • 40.5  inches length ( 104 cm) / 81 inches circumference  (208cm)
  • Length/circumference can be shortened by tying
  • Durable grade material (100% latex)
    • (!) FYI: Resistance bands are not like regular weights. They follow your natural strength curve. The farther the band is stretched, the stronger the resistant force. The force of these bands were selected for novice to advanced so that you feel and see results.


Pole Conditioning Set

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 9.25 × 5 × .74 in
Band Options

Lite Resistance Band (Flexibility Training), Medium Resistance, Heavy Resistance, Flexi/Mobility Set of 2 (Lite + Med), Single Set of 3 (Lite + Med + Heavy), Grips/Core Assist Pole Set of 2 (Med), Pole Conditioning Complete Set of 4 ( 2 Med & 2 Heavy), Aerial/Invert Pole Set of 2 (Heavy)