Grips & Holds — Surveying Artistic Ability & Core Skill Awareness FAFO Coursework (Pay Per Course)


Make your pole room your pole studio with this 2 lesson course load that you can use to gauge and inspire your current grip and hold vocabulary. Get cue insight and inspiration for variations in relation to pole dance skills and tricks.


The first half of these lessons are set to music and you will use a specific stimulation from Ashley Savage (your instructor) to execute either a basic grip or hold skill. The second half of class will be instruction and critique on pain points, with additional examples of uses and possibilities.

This approach will survey what you already know or what you need to learn/practice when it comes to grip and holding the pole to suspend and execute tricks. 

Course is streamable and replayable for 21 days. 




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Date & Time

Thur, April 20 @ 3PM -4:30PM Eastern