“BodyWork” Ayeshasm Tricks 2 Week Groove (Jan 14-17 & 28-31)


 The ecstasy of the pole trick “Ayesha” through anatomy, aesthetics and artistry.  A 2 week education groove consisting of 8 sessions of group teaching and independent practice of what is means to do an “Ayesha” with your body. Go through the process to arrive at the climax  of  “Ayesha” brought to life through the grooves of the  Performance Tempel tenants : “BodyFlesh”, “BodyScan”, “BodySculpt” and “Spicy Conditioning”. 

  • Class dates and times shown in full description
  • 60-90 min Sessions
  • All classes recorded, recording only attendance accepted
  • Pre-requisites are necessary— Efficient climb, Solid inverted crucifix, solid full bracket grip, awareness of forearm or handstands with pole as assistant



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  • Sunday, Jan 14 @ 7pm EST | ‘BodyFlesh’ Exposing Current Knowledge Day 1
  • Monday, Jan 15 @ 3pm EST | ‘BodyScan’ Entry & Exit Body Evaluation Day 2
  • Tuesday, Jan 16 @ 7pm EST | ‘BodySculpt’ Center Of Gravity Tricks (Dynamic Shaping + Movement) Day 3
  • Wednesday, Jan 17 @ 3pm EST | ‘Spicy Conditioning’ Day 4
  • Sunday, Jan 28 @ 7pm EST | ‘BodyScan’ Ayesha Grips Day 5
  • Monday, Jan 29 @ 3pm EST | ‘BodySculpt’ Ayesha Tricks Day 6
  • Tuesday, Jan 30 @ 7pm EST | ‘Spicy Conditioning’ Day 7
  • Wednesday, Jan 31 @ 3pm EST |’BodyFlesh’ Exposing Gained Wisdom Day 8

Pre-requisites are necessary to come into this educational space prepared. They are listed as: An efficient forearm climb, Solid inverted crucifix, Ability to suspend in full bracket grip, awareness of forearm or handstands with pole as assistant

If you cannot execute the pre-requisites, please take either Pre-Inversion Or “BodySketch” Invertical Complex to equip yourself to take “BodyWork” Ayeshasm.

Attendance Terms: There must be a minimum of 1 participants (observing without moving or actively moving ) for classes to be held. When classes do not meet the minimum it will be rebooked and rescheduled. If you will not be able to make it to a class, but still wish to receive the recording written notice must be emailed no little than 12 hours before the class start time, or it will be considered a cancellation. “No-notice, no-shows” and cancellations will not be rebooked or receive recordings. Classes are recorded, with recordings being streaming for 8 weeks before access expires.

Recordings-only participants, please indicate this desire with the option before adding to cart.

All class enrollment is non-refundable. Transfers may, in some cases, be granted on a case by case basis to inquire about transferring please contact guts@performancetempel.com . If you have trouble streaming videos or run into issues accessing the course content please send an email so that your issue can be troubleshoot and resolved quickly.

“BodyFlesh” is an exposé movement class that gives learners an opportunity to experience and document your current understandings of trick mechanics related to the designated class concept. Its efforts are to strip down logic to initiate inner revelations of “naked truths”.

“BodyScan” is a movement evaluation class that provides outer revelation and realtime detection of your body in relation to executing the designated class concept. Leave with isolated components to work on and a compass for the type of classes to invest in.

When form meets physical dimensions it’s called sculpture. “BodySculpt” is a movement progressions class that focuses on execution. Learn the “whats” and “hows” to flesh out an acrobatic feat with your body, from floor to ceiling.

Use it or lose it. “Spicy Conditioning” is an erotic lens on pole conditioning that reconsiders what’s sabotaging your power. Its efforts are to drill connections of spirit and strength to prepare you for the rites of passage for the trick skills in focus.