Hip Opening Stretch Warm Up Drill For Pole Dancing: 90/90 Hip Arcs

Stretch Difficulty: 2 — Low Intensity

Depending on how tight your hips are, the difficulty will range. Remember to pay attention to how you feel while attempting this stretch. Try not to force your body into pain or too aggressively stretch.

This hip opening stretch warm up is great for pole dancing, using it to wake muscles up and really connect with your hips.

Stretch Use:

Use to warm up and stretch hip and quads to prevent hip strain and injuries while performing on the pole.

Hip Stretch RX:

Regular use will increase the range of motion with hips, which means better mobility and ease of movement.


1. Lean back on to hands

2. Starting position = on the side of the hip + both knees bent at 90 degrees in the same direction

3. Windshield wiper motion knees side to side making sure they touch the floor on each side. Keep opposite knee to opposite toe

4. (bonus) Push hips up and forward for deeper stretch