Sculpting: Tia’s (@Curly_Cheetah) Glute & Ab Resistance Band Workout

In a post to her Instagram page Tia, @Curly_Cheetah,writes No more complaining. No more negative thoughts. No more doubting yourself. No more giving up. I’m changing my mind and body one workout at a time. Thankfully @performance.tempel makes it easier to find new ways to kill it in the gym. Try these glute and ab resistance workouts […]

Pass Go and Do Not Lose Your Focus

The Journey Is Worth It, But It Will Cost You To Advance. The word “football” always brings back memories of my high school days. All throughout high school, I was apart of the football team.I’ve always been active. I lifted weights and ran, so I’d consider myself to have been in decent shape. As I reached […]