Riffs off readings on movement, sexuality, spirituality, sociology and humanity. Wasp’s Nest provides a designated window for research and brilliance that reflects a range of deep spiritual realization to the need of movement ecstasy to the complex entitlement of agency.

an erotic, virtual symposium installation

APRIL 7TH 2024

Scholar Track Mariah W. — Spiritualities & Geographies of Practice

Archive Track Rachel C. — Framing & Documentation Of Practice

Humanity track Akenya R.— Paralysis of Practice 

behavioral Track Dr.Barbara shabazz—Self-Efficacy of Practice

Reality Track Tiara J.— life and death At The Altar of Practice  

Oracle track Carmine Black— Shifting States of Being in Practice 

Soul track Ashley S.— Body in Process in Practice 

Mariah W

Rachel C

Akenya R

Tiara J.