Tempel offers opportunities for qualified strength and conditioning enthusiasts who believe that the body is a Tempel of Guts & Glory that deserves nothing less than the best quality.  Our partners believe in making the body’s journey to higher heights sensible and attainable through elevated fitness approaches. And they strive to make the journey look sexy —igniting a liberated confidence to excel and attracting others to do the same.


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Creators & Influencers

Create and publish knowledgeable, stylish, and dope: blogs, photography, or videos. Or consider scheduling a slot on the Tempel Podcast (coming Fall 2018).

Arenas for content include:

  1. Fitness Lifestyle
  2. Strength & Conditioning
  3. Life outside the gym (but adjacent)
  4.  Creative Concept pitches
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Tempel Ambassadors

Become a strength gladiator or goddess and enjoy the benefits of support and earned compensation

Ambassadors receive :

  1. Percentage of affiliated purchases
  2. Tempel Gear
  3. Marketing support
  4. Supported ticketed event opportunites
  5. Brand resources for your personal brand from Patent Ventures


Add value to your workout programs by creating and offering a class or program that comes with the Tempel set of 2 resistance bands with no upfront costs to you.


Receive more information about any of the three Tempel opportunities by using the form below.

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