Institue: Using Coffee As Pre-Workout Stimulant

Say whatttt? You can use coffee as a pre-workout? Okay, yes but Let me explain this first:

There’s some existing research that claims caffeine to be an effective workout stimulant. Coffee, of course, has caffeine in it and caffeine does the following to and for the body:

  • stimulates the central nervous system
  • immediate mental alertness and focus
  • increase your heart rate and blood pressure temporarily
  • stimulates the digestive tract
  • boosts energy levels

Also consider that:

  • the body can build a tolerance to caffeine amounts if digested regularly
  • too much caffeine will cause muscle twitches or jitters
  • caffeine is slightly addictive and withdrawals can include headaches, anxiety, and irritability

How To Strategically use Coffee As a Pre-workout:

Now that we’ve gotten the base information out of the way, it’s time for the good stuff. Coffee as a pre-workout isn’t your morning meditative cup or leisurely sip. Get ready for a stronger and more strategic experience:

1. Only use creamer in small amounts.  If you must, you can use a little bit of vanilla protein powder  or coconut oil to ease the taste. Nope, no exceptions. To use coffee as an effective pre-workout milk and creamer have to go

2. Have a cup ( 8 -15 ounces) an hour before your workout. Don’t over do it. 1-2 cups max. Consider your workout type (i.e. functional, cardio, weight training, cross fit) and adjust the amount you consume to fit, sometimes less is more.

3. Be careful. Too much coffee drinking can produce those side effects discussed earlier in this post. So use this preworkout when you’re extremely unmotivated, lethargic, fatigued or really need to have a great workout performance but just can’t find the energy.