Working Out and Sexual Performance? Let Me Explain

I’m sure you’ve read all the men’s health magazines and cosmo women’s’ articles that will give you the best workout and in-between the sheets calorie totals. Today though, we’re going to unapologetically talk about how working out and sex correlate for better bodily functions and better sex. And for those of us who aren’t getting any, we’ll discuss the benefits that working out can give to prepare for an unforgettable sexual performance. It’s go time.

Written by: Khoury Solom

Disclaimer: Consensual, safe-sex is the best sex. Please have sex responsibly.

Benefits: Working Out And Sex

Better Blood-flow

Blood-flow during working out and sex is important. As the heart pumps blood to keep it coursing through veins it produces better sexual stimulation for both genders. For men, better blood flow can spell  a harder, fully functioning erection.  For women, having an ideal blood flow will heighten arousal and result in satisfying orgasms.

Fitness, of course, improves blood circulation. Bettering your cardiovascular health doesn’t just have to mean hitting the gym hard either. Improved blood-flow has been scientifically documented in people who practice yoga, lift weights, or people who do any mild physical activity consistently. The keyword here is consistently.

Muscle Strengthening

This shouldn’t have to be said, but it’s here to make the deeper point of using muscle strength to provide satisfaction.  The muscles we use to sexually perform varies by position and a person’s active involvement. If you care about your partner’s climax and your role in it, continue reading.

As muscles lack fluidity, flexibility, and strength .. it could lower the chances of enacting those risqué pleasureful movements and it can definitely effect the staying power needed for mutual partner completion.

Designating days to target different muscle groups—such as glutes, leg, arms, back, ect— isn’t a bad idea. Strength training activities enhance muscle stamina and improve the fluidity of movements. You’re better able to move side to side, up and down, and rotate smoothly during sex. Translation? Effortless dexterity and faster recovery after the first round increase the likelihood for a round two.


Your muscles need to be able to go the distance during sex; but  mental stamina is just as important. They’re important in anything, trust me.  Sex should be about achieving the goal for you and your partner. It shouldn’t be selfish. Stamina, along with a tantalizing sensory experience will intensify the climaxes. How do you build stamina through fitness? Consistency. Consistent exercise improves cardio respiratory endurance. Your heart strengthens and a healthier heart means healthier pumps, which bring more oxygen to your muscles and brain. Thus, a better functioning mind and better functioning muscles is a beautiful thing for the climax.


Working out and sex excite certain hormones in our bodies. There is one major hormone that I’ll discus in this section:  testosterone. Testosterone isn’t just a man’s hormone. It’s important for women too. One study shows that regular exercise increases and balances testosterone levels in women, effectively lowering their body mass index (measure of body fat in relation to weight and height).Sexual desire, fantasy, touch sensitivity and orgasms are all driven and connected to testosterone. For women and men, balanced testosterone levels are what keep the sex drive healthy and active.  Beware though, too much testosterone spells complications for both sexes. Hormones are meant to have harmony! Throwing them off with too much exercise, steroids or substitutes could cause unwanted results.

That’s all from me. But I’m here to answer your questions. Shoot me an email and mention Khoury’s sex talk to get some more insight. As I know more, I’ll share more.

Until next time, peace.