You Spelled ‘Tempel’ Wrong?

…Some people seem to think so, though it’s not. Tempel is spelled in its Old English form. Why the English language is so difficult, we’ll never know. ‘Temple’ or ‘tempel’, either way you spell it the meaning is the same.

The original Tempel concept came from a dark place until I pulled the plug and restructured the idea from light. Driving home from my workout, I called our apparel consultant, Emma, and told her that I wanted the angle of the brand to shift from vanity to humanity. It was time to destroy the victim mentality and step into victor. I wanted TEMPEL to be that space, an immaculate palace for realizing the power that you hold in your soul. No more sob stories of pain. I want us to stop the mental battle against ourselves and wage warfare on the systems, structure, and thoughts that attempt to tell us we are not good enough.

You see, everyday the body is politicized, silenced, shamed, degraded, shared, traded, bought, sold, tormented, and hated. I’ve even done it to myself, looking in the mirror gripping at my body in shame instead of care.  Tempel seeks to promote the opposite of indignity. I believe the intended purpose of the body is as a temple —the place where flow meets form, and desire meets sacrifice. It is where both self-care and self-sacrifice coexist. Each temple, each of us, have been created in extraordinary confidence, intelligence, unique craftsmanship, affinity and wonder. Calling your body your Tempel means that you recognize the need to honor the divine within you and have the reasonable desire to be sexy— an attractive light in this world. Acknowledging and leveling the shallow and deep concepts that embody humanity, we push you to your maximum performance of being. It isn’t about attainable perfection,  it’s about love, a sound mind, and power. This is about pushing yourself to new heights despite opposition and contradiction.  Tempel is about you and your maker that galvanizes you to do the impossible.  No Guts. No Glory.

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