IG Story Highlight: What’s The Difference Between Syncopation and Musicality? And Why The Hell It Had Me In A Death Grip When Thinking About Pole Dance.

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The Rabbit Hole Of Syncoptation

Laying in bed, scrolling through tiktok, I came across a video talking about syncopation. It got me to thinking:

Does pole dancing use syncopation? And what is this shit anyway… so I started down the rabbit hole and this is partially the result.

I posted most of my curiosity finds on Instagram in my stories but I have omitted a fews slides/videos in this archival recap in order to preserve the serendipity of that day, which could have only been understood if you were immersed at that exact time.

The Discussion

Sharing the curiosity, questions and responses began from people began to pop up in my inbox and we started discussing:

  • Is syncopation and musicality the same thing?
  • What does musicality look like?
  • Black strippers and making the beat visible

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