What’s Important To Your Pole Journey? Figuring Out What You Like & Why You Like It

What’s Important to you?

On my IG stories we have conversations about our pole journey often. One of them was really important.

The poll interrogated people’s pole priorities with the question “What’s Important To You in Poling”.

So now I’m asking you. Participate in the poll:

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There’s no wrong answers.

Your answer will actually help you…

When you know what’s important to you, it give you some super third-eye power to intentionally seek ways to get what you need and have what you want. It’ll also help you to stay focused on your desires, your progress and not the progress of others.

Let’s break down the first choice in the poll: “IDK, I Really Don’t Know Why I Like Certain Things”

IDK, I Really Don’t Know Why I Like Certain Things

This admission is huge. That means ya self-awareness is ON baby. Not knowing is okay. This acknowledgement should open up your willingness to explore what you do like and what you don’t like. It’s easy to look at a lot of pole videos and thing “Wow that’s Impressive”, it’s another thing to think and/or “Wow, I want to do that too”.

Attraction & Appreciation:

Being aware of your attraction to vs appreciation of a pole move, pole style or poler will allow you to process what you need to train or learn next rather than compare or feel intimidated.

Attraction = this is something I desire and want to engage with on a deeper level. Appreciation = general since of admiration or high respect . It is possible to be both and it is possible to appreciate the beauty of something without desiring it for yourself.

Figuring Out What & Why You Like:

If you’re ready to understand why you like what you like, there are ways to begin figuring that out. Hint: Become a Patron and start the ‘On The Flo’ series. It’ll help you experiment with and develop your movement aesthetic

Questions to help you figure out why you like something related to pole:

  1. Do I like what I see because I want to do it OR because I like the body that is doing it?
  2. Does this make me want to try it (buy a class/training) or is it just really impressive to me (window shopping)
  3. If I saw this with no music would I still like it?
  4. If I saw this with the poler wearing a hoodie and a oversized t-shirt would I still like it?

Aesthetic, Technique & Variety

These three components of pole can rank differently for everyone. When you know what your top priority is out of the three it should be fairly easy for you to find your tribe and stay fairly motivated. You can begin to collect and document pole movements, polers and pole styles that you aspire to and not worry about the shit that doesn’t align with your priority.

Aesthetic Tings:

  • Body Shapes & Lines
  • Music
  • Energy
  • Style
  • Concept

Technique Tings:

  • Execution & Follow Through
  • Choreography/Flow
  • Body Alignment & Spatial Use
  • Movement Timing
  • Form
  • Dedicated style intelligence

Variety Tings:

  • Skill diversity
  • Multi-use of applied technique
  • Extensive movement and variation vocabulary
  • Eclectic style

That’s it. Comment with questions or Leave some feedback. I’d like to keep these conversations going, but would love to know if they’re beneficial

I make pole conditioning and aesthetic theory explainer videos:

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