whatchusay/ What Is “Inverting” On The Pole When You’re Pole Dancing? Getting Pole Inversions

Trying to get a nut = getting pole inversions

One of the things that I strongly disagree with when it comes to pole education is the standardized way inversions are taught in most studios. 

Why Savage? — I’m glad you asked.

Inversions are not a one-size-fit-all skill. In fact there are so many ways to invert and they all depend on the condition of your body. Read on for more thots on inversions.

Pole Inversions

Let’s establish what I mean when I say pole inversions. I’m talking about moving from being upright (head towards ceiling, feet toward ground) to being upside-down on the pole (or inverse upright).  For some reason the more widely accepted standardized way that people learn how to invert first is through a strong hold grip and a kick up momentum crucifix. Then, for some reason (that I’m researching), chopper inverts/chopper mount inverts are the most popular. This irks me because, I feel like with this standardization the pole industry misses opportunities for imagination, variety of beauty and consciousness of humanity.

I know why… but that spicy take is reserved for Instagram and my pole theory rants. 

What kind of inverts are there?

Inversions exist that span the spectrum of complexity and aesthetic optics. I think at times they can necessitate a need for muscular strength, but they don’t always have to. And that’s my irk with the constant focus on chopper inverts. There are plenty of other inversion that are less complex that will actually build the hard and soft skills needed for more strength demanding inverts.

…And they all can be executed in various ways. Some with momentum, some deadlifting the body, some executed aerially (without feet on the ground first).  It really is a process and they can be danced, contorted or powered into.

A short list of ways to achieve inversions:

  • Jamilla to Butterfly Drop Down Inversion
  • Jasmine to Dolphin Drop Down Inversion
  • Closed Jasmine Melt Drop Down Inversion
  • Brass/Flag grip Press to Inversion
  • Chopper/Straddle V  Mount Inversion 
  • Cup Grip Shoulder Mount to  Inversion
  • Funny Grip Mount to Inversion 
  • Princess Grip Shoulder Mount to Inversion
  • Strong Hold + Cup Grip Mount to Inversion
  • Strong Hold + Table Top Mount to Inversion
  • Iguana grip Press to Inversion
  • Pole Handstand Press to Inversion

So what kind of invert is best for me?

Every body is different. It honestly depends on a few things that I like to take into consideration with my conditioning baddies

  • Amount of space around their home pole
  • Body type
  • The tradition of pole that they’re looking to practice (aerial acrobatic, acrodance, dance, sport/athletic) 
  • Their current skill bank and knowledge. 

If inversion are something that you’re struggling with, I encourage you to hit me up. I still struggle with chopper inversion, but I’ve found an inversion mount that works well for my body so that I don’t feel stunted in what I’m able to do.

Well, I’m still interested in chopper inverting Savage so what should I condition?

  • Master your drop down inversion first. I know… I know.. but hear me out it helps. 
  • Practice your stronghold grip. You should be able to suspend and get to a place of mastering the knee tuck and rock back in strong hold grip.
  • Practice these hip exercises, because one of the most important aspects of choppering is the ability to lift and keep the hips up.
  • Understand contact points for where you will be going after the chopper, most people will either go to a crucifix or an outside leg hang. So you’ll want to feel secure in those two skills – isolate practice for the both of them. Do not fixate on transitioning out of chopper too early. 
  • Practice straddles and ankle rails at the base. This is something we do in inverting conditioning. 
  • Practice on pole progressions: spider pose, controlled momentum half choppers holds, deadlift crucifix inversion to chopper exit, deadlift chopper holds 

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